Universal Tennis Rating Midwest Pilot Program

USTA Midwest is starting a pilot program of integrating UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) into the selection and seeding of players at specific Midwest junior tournaments.  Information on the program is here and includes.

• All USTA/Midwest Level 1, 2, and 3 tournaments will seed the top four players in a 64-draw using UTR. In a 128-draw tournament, the top eight seeds will be seeded using UTR.

• For all 2015 USTA/Midwest Level 2 and 3 64-draw tournaments, players will be selected based on the following criteria: o Four (4) players from the top 100 of the most current USTA/Midwest Section standing list in the next lower division; o 52 players using the most current standings list; o Eight (8) players using UTR as long as the players’ UTR is higher than the lowest UTR of a previously selected player from the standings list.

• The April Midwest Level 3 tournaments will be converted to a Level 2, 16-draw tournament played with a compass draw, and a Level 3, 16-draw tournament played with a compass draw. The September Midwest Level 3 tournament will be converted to a 32-draw FIC Level 2 and 32-draw FIC Level 3 tournament. All players will be selected and seeded using UTR.


Gabe Higgs

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