RCC Compass Draw

RCC Compass Draw

The Racquet Club hosted a 12s and 14s Compass Draw last weekend.

Many Rcc Juniors participated.  Congratulations to:

Boys 12s A Champion:  Jayanth Ramakkagari

Boys 12s A Finalist:  Hummza Ali

Boys 12s A 3rd Place:  Sanjan Shanker

Boys 12s B Champion:  Ethan Samora

Boys 12s B Consolation Champion:  Eric Tang

Boys 14s Champion:  Griffin Biernat

Boys 14s Finalist:  Tanish Pairu

Boys 14s 3rd Place:  Evan Manley

Boys 14s Consolation Champion:  Brayden Chawla

Girls 12s Champion:  Nikhitha Bhimreddy

Girls 12s Finalist:  Jenny Zhang

Girls 12s Consolation Finalist:  Grace Philip

12s 14s

Gabe Higgs

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