I am thrilled with your program. Lena went from bottom of exhibition last year to 1st singles this year. She says there are other girls on her team that are stronger players than her, but we believe she is winning her challenge matches by having a better grasp of the mental game and some strategy.

Julia Caruso

The Competitive Junior Program at the Racquet Club is top notch for developing juniors of all skill levels. Many playing opportunities are offered through numerous 7-days/week clinics, weekly match play, and summer team tennis, ideal for providing flexibility in busy family schedules yet allowing for maximum development of potential. Coaches are highly skilled at teaching proper form, and caring and passionate about the game to inspire a life-long love of tennis. My daughter progressed from a low level clinic to qualifying for the Midwest Closed within only few years after joining the Racquet Club.”


You were right. The RC kids program is WAY better than Elysiums. Sorry I waited do long to switch my son.